Private Kindergarten

Our Programs

A Step Ahead is excited about teaching your children how to learn. With our private kindergarten program each student is equipped academically, socially, and physically. We believe children learn best when instruction connects to what they already know, and then expands that knowledge through new and meaningful experiences.

Treasures / Wonders Language Arts McGraw Hill

Treasures / Wonders are scientifically based core programs that offer sequential, explicit, and effective instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, morphology, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students are given many opportunities to practice and review these skills to help prevent reading difficulties before they begin.

Core Knowledge

Our Kindergarten Social Studies and Science curriculum is Core Knowledge. It provides our students with the basis of Social Studies, Science,and World Geography and incorporates Language Arts and Vocabulary skills. It is very interactive and students enjoy learning through visual experiences.

Georgia Edition Harcourt Math

Harcourt Math is based on scientific research that focuses on effective learning processes and instructional strategies that are essential for success in a wide range of learners. These processes and strategies include: Explicit Instruction Conceptual Understanding Assessment Aligned with Intervention Assessment Aligned with State Standards