Our Programs

A Step Ahead Learning Center’s Private Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to give students that early childhood foundation they will need to be successful academically in Elementary grade levels. We offer them solid and advanced programs that nurture each child by offering carefully selected and sequential learning experiences. We try to foster the social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development of all our young learners.

Development Learning Methods

Every aspect of the DLM, Developmental Learning Methods, curriculum is designed to make learning instinctive. Circle time, at the beginning and end of each day, helps children focus on the learning process, reflect on new concepts, and make important connections. The practice portions of the lessons are designed to allow children to apply what they have learned. Our DLM curriculum incorporates: Daily Read Alouds that help to enrich students\' imaginations. Nonfiction Focus which builds background, vocabulary and oral language Rhymes, Songs, and Dances that help develop phonological awareness \"How-to Science\" which teaches observing and investigating Manipulatives and Games that convey math and science concepts Social Emotional Instruction that develops interpersonal skills.

Imagine It

"Imagine It" addresses five key points of reading: Phonemic awareness - the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in spoken word Explicit phonics incorporates blending and building from a single letter to a word. Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension.

Everyday Mathematics and Drops in a Bucket

Our math curriculum is based on Everyday Mathematics and Drops in a Bucket. They both give students an understanding of basic concepts and allow students to work both independently and in small groups. The activities help build numeracy skills, they also make sense of problems using problem solving skills.

Computer Technology

We incorporate computer technology everyday through three different computer programs: Starfall Reading and Language Arts IXL Math and Language Arts ABC Mouse Language Arts