Our story is not an uncommon one as we are just like you.

We want the very best for our children and have dedicated our life’s work to meeting their developmental needs. As a result we believe we have learned a thing or two along the way. We are Jeff and Nina Killins and are standing tall in our dream of operating a learning and mentoring center in Rex, Georgia. Our children are the fuel of our burning desire to make a difference even if it’s through just one child at a time.

We drew from our experiences, those times where certain people made a difference in our lives that forever changed us. We wanted to give to others that same gift that was so graciously given to us. If you think about it we all can name the teacher or mentor that took an interest in us, believed in us, stood by us and esteemed us which changed our lives for the better.

our Goal

Our goal is to create an environment of enrichment, encouragement and positive memories for the children who cross our path. By providing a strong constructive foundation for our youth we believe we can help stop some of the negative news that floods our media. We want to be a part of Georgia not being last on the totem pole in education and SAT scores.

our experience

Children that believe in themselves are everything and it only takes one person to believe in you for you to succeed. I have been an educator for 23 years with a BA in English, CFO for Killer Killins Pest Control since 1984 and now CEO of A Step Ahead Learning Center. Jeff and I have been happily married since 1982 raising 6 children, 3 of which are our own. It is my passion and my purpose for being on this earth, that fuels this project called A Step Ahead Learning Center.

our Promise

To make a difference and have a positive impact on every child at our schools, their families, and the communities we serve every day. We support child development for infants to school-age students, through a comprehensive, research-based curriculum in a safe, nurturing, fun school environment. As experts in child care and early education, we empower children to be ready for school, we instill a lifelong love of learning, and we provide a solid foundation for a successful future.

Jeff Killins: "Nina and I have been successful business owners since 1984"

Nina and I have been successful business owners since 1984. I have a BA in Religion and Philosophy / Counseling, with a minor in Entomology. I’ve been involved with people and children through various organizations since 1978, including an assistant Boy Scout troop master and an elder / coordinator for our church’s mentoring program. Currently, in this venture, A Step Ahead, I will serve as CFO. But if the truth be told and you were to look into my heart, I am simply a caregiver. All that I am is motivated by my love for people. It has been said by those that come back to visit me as a result of my mentoring involvement over the years, that “Jeff has a way of making you feel better about yourself. He made me a better person. I want to be just like him when I grow up.” These are qualities that Nina has said made her fall in love and remain in love with me through all these years. For that I am truly thankful and blessed.

Nina and I have been asked so many times by friends, “Why aren’t you on the beaches of the world enjoying your empty nest years that you’ve so richly earned and deserve?” We are united in the answer that it is our ministry and our happiness to see A Step Ahead grow and flourish. We have had this dream most of our adult lives. We can accomplish it now because our children have gone to college and have started their own adventures. So come join us as we welcome your involvement in creating a better world for all children.