Private Kindergarten


  • Starfall Reading and Language Arts

    Starfall, our Reading and Language Arts curriculum, is magical, creative, and sequential. It integrates and combines content area instruction in Social Studies and Science, all supported with technology, online stories and activities. In a Starfall Kindergarten classroom, English learners and struggling readers successfully participate and progress alongside their peers. Starfall teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, writing, and comprehension skills.

  • Core Knowledge

    Our Kindergarten Social Studies and Science curriculum is Core Knowledge. It provides our students with the basis of Social Studies, Science,and World Geography and incorporates Language Arts and Vocabulary skills. It is very interactive and students enjoy learning through visual experiences.

  • Minute Math

    Kindergarten Minute Math is an important part of our Everyday Math program. It reinforces several activities with special emphasis on developing problem solving and mental mathematics skills. Alongside those programs, we also use Harcourt Math, which supports a strong partnership with the home, the school, and the community to help students experience success in mathematics. It includes a variety of skills such as algebra, geometry, time, money, addition, and subtraction. Our Harcourt Math and Starfall curriculum offer an array of technology based on instructional components that will promote learning for all our students here at A Step Ahead Learning Center.